Sergej Marsnjak
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I am a computer programmer and currently I work in a company Renderspace d.o.o. Mostly I'm programming in C/C++.
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    • Timegate (DOS game, 1996) Download
      My first 3D engine. This game was never completed as a game, but it was demonstrated as a research project in high-school. It was also rewarded.
      Game was written mostly in Borland Pascal 7 and partly in assembler.
    • The Necrotronian (DOS game, 1997) Download
      My second and improved 3D engine. This game was also never completed.
      It was written completely in assembler.
    • SpaceLab - 3D demonstration (1999)
      First project in company Renderspace d.o.o.
      This project was designed as a demonstration of our references and knowledge and as a testing environment for new features.
    • Virtual museum (2001) Link
      A virtual tour through Ljubljana's squares in different time periods. Project of company Renderspace d.o.o. (more...)
    • Screenmate (2002)
      Screenmate is a figure that moves over a computer screen and is making different interesting movements.
    • Diploma project (2003)
      "3D simulation of processes in semiconductors on microscopic level"
      Diploma project on Faculty of electrical engineering in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
      If you want more information about the work, the text or the application, please contact me.
    • Seminary - Electromagnetics - Finite elements method
      (2003) Documentation Download
      Seminary project at on Faculty of electrical engineering for subject "Electromagnetics".
    • Roulette (2004)
      Electronic roulette game for casinos. Project of company Renderspace d.o.o.
    • Publigram (2004)
      An application for visualization of relations between stakeholders. Project of company Renderspace d.o.o.
    • Pliva - Essence of life - Essence of art (2005)
      Artistic project for customer Pliva by my company Renderspace
    • (2007) Link
      Although I totally hate Micro$oft, I was forced to be the main developer for site, a project of my company Renderspace for Micro$oft Slovenia. I put a lot of energy into this project, just to show, how Micro$oft haters can be much better developers than Micro$oft's vassals.