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PhotoUtil software helps with managing of digital photographies. It includes features, which are not quite common in other commercial software.


PhotoUtil software helps with managing of digital photographies. It includes features, which are not quite common in other commercial software. PhotoUtil is valuable for:

  • Numbering of image files. Photographies taken with the digital camera are usually named something like "PICT2548.JPG". This system is reasonable only for the camera but not for manipulating with the images. When some images are deleted, some numbers are missing. With PhotoUtil you can renumber images, starting with the selected number.
  • Image file name management. Sometimes we want to add some prefix or suffix to the file names, and sometimes we want to strip some characters from the start and/or the end of the file names. All this features are supported with PhotoUtil.
  • Correcting and modifying images' date/time. In some cases digital photocameras started to show an invalid date/time. This may be due to a weak batteries. But the time difference between the images is still correct. PhotoUtil can modify date/time by specified difference, for example: +1 day, -3 hours, +17 minutes. PhotoUtil can also set specified date/time to the selected image files.
  • JPEG EXIF and XMP metadata management. PhotoUtil displays this metadata when an image is selected. Metadata include additional information about a photo, like brightness, shutter speed, focal length, etc. When we edit image files with some utilities, this metadata are not always preserved. With PhotoUtil you can save EXIF metadata into a temporary file, and after an image is edited and saved, you can load and restore metadata. PhotoUtil can also export metadata of selected images into a text, HTML or database SQL file.
  • Automatic downloading of JPEG images, when photocamera, memory card or any other USB device is connected to the computer. Images are copies into the subfolder of specified folder, which name could represent a date of the first image found on the media. The format for the date could be customized.
  • Lossless JPEG transform. Mirroring, rotation and inversion (negative).
  • Displaying JPEG quantization tables.
  • Displaying histogram.

Supported languages: English, Slovenian, Croatian.

Comments and suggestions for improvements are really welcome!
If someone is ready to voluntarily translate this program in other languages, please contact me.

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PhotoUtil is a full Windows© program. The PhotoUtil desktop will be instantly familiar to anyone who has used another Windows© program such a spreadsheet or a word processor. Requirements:

  • Motherboard with Intel Pentium compatible processor with 400MHz or more
  • 16MB system RAM
  • At least 10MB free space on hard drive
  • Monitor with resolution 800x600 and 16 bit color depth (65536 colors) or better
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Operating system Microsoft Windows 98 / NT 4.0 / 2000 / XP


The installation procedure is fairly self-explanatory. If you got the installation CD, the installation program should run automatically when you load the CD. If it does not, double-click "setup.exe" file. If you downloaded the program from internet, simply execute installation file.

The Welcome dialog box appears and you are prompted for user information. Use the “Next” and “Previous” buttons to move to the next or previous dialog box. To cancel the installation process, click the “Exit” button. Browse to the folder where to install the files. To complete the installation and start the PhotoUtil application, click the “Finish” button.

To uninstall the PhotoUtil application, browse to the folder where you installed the PhotoUtil files and click the “uninst.exe” file. You can also uninstall it in "Start" menu, if you installed it with an option to "Add shortcuts to Start menu".